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ChristChurch is dedicated to grow the kingdom of God through church planting while maintaining its core values of Truth Founded, Devoted Community, Giving Back, and Mining Potential by developing individual congregations within ChristChurch.  With the conviction that a smaller size church will facilitate these core values ChristChurch seeks to foster the starting of new congregations rather than becoming one large church.  The goal of the model is to maintain an environment where people feel cared for, are known on a deeper level, and can grow spiritually while extending the kingdom of God in the most effective way possible.

In order to maintain an ideal size church where this type of care and intimacy can be accomplished, ChristChurch aims to grow using a Saturation Level Church Planting Model. Instead of planting one regional church, ChristChurch intends to plant several small to medium sized churches (200-300 people each) saturating the Suwanee/Sugar Hill area. It is our goal to grow a network of churches with personalities reflecting their individual leadership, but all with common values & vision thereby making a greater impact than one larger regional church.

ChristChurch has purchased property on Lawrenceville Suwanee Road just across the street from North Gwinnett High School (4922 Lawrenceville Suwanee Road) and plans to build it’s first of three building beginning sometime in 2018.  From there CCS plans to grow through starting multiple congregations using the same facility but separate in leadership, volunteers, congregations, and identity.  Each congregation will have it’s own pastor, officers, worship, and identity, utilizing the facility to is capacity while maintaining the values among each congregation.

In partnership with Perimeter Church, Duluth, ChristChurch participated in the planting of  a new church in Lawrenceville, New City Fellowship, with Ryan & Megan Johnson as Church Planters.  Ryan served on the staff of ChristChurch Suwanee as a Church Planting Resident.

Former 7 year Worship Pastor & Associate Pastor of ChristChurch Suwanee, Jeff Wreyford, is now starting a new PCA church in Jonesboro, AR currently known as Mission Jonesboro.  Check them out on FB.

Former Church Planting Apprentice / Youth Pastor at ChristChurch, Matthew Goodman, is now starting a new church in Irondale, AL.

Church planters, Stuart and Heidi Floyd made CCS their home while gathering their core group, now launching a new church in Braselton, GA.

If you are interested in helping financially grow our community, or have any questions about what we are doing with our model, email Rod@christchurchsuwanee.org or fill out our connect form.