3302 McGinnis Ferry Rd
Suwanee, GA 30024
Sundays @ 10:30am


The Journey of Two Lives

ChristChurch originated out of Rod and Christy Entrekin’s story. Having both experienced the death of a spouse in 2005, Rod and Christy were introduced through mutual friends in 2007. After hearing each other’s story, they discovered they shared a connection through their pain and the healing they found through their relationship with Jesus Christ. It wasn’t long before they saw God’s Grace bringing them together. After a short engagement, Rod and Christy married, combining both of their families starting the new Entrekin Family.

A Church Founded in Redemption

In early 2008, Rod & Christy sensed God was calling them to plant a church in Suwanee, GA rooted in the grace they experienced from God through their journey together. Rod and Christy dreamed of a church where many would experience real hope in Jesus Christ and find healing for their lives just as they did.

Gathering Interest and a Core Group

In November 2008, with just a few friends and their family, Rod and Christy began meeting in homes around Suwanee sharing the vision they had for a church and inviting anybody who had similar passions to join them. After 3 months of meetings, two staff joined the church and a core group of people were ready to begin worshiping. In March 2009, ChristChurch began their first worship services with many in attendance.

Established and Growing

In early 2010, having met for just a year, ChristChurch was already beginning to grow. Dedicated to grow through church planting, ChristChurch is laying the ground work to plant a new church in the surrounding areas in the coming years. ChristChurch’s hope is to be an environment of grace for the people of Suwanee for many years to come.