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January 5, 2017 “Rest” Sermons (Jan 1-15) Most people believe that all you have to do to stop working is to not work. Inside each of us is an engine of expectations that’s constantly running even when we’re not working. We can be taking time off, even relaxing somewhere nice and still working through our list of expectations. These expectations may come from our parents, our peers, our workmates, or just from ourselves… saying to you…You’re not achieving enough. You’re going to mess this up.  And then we live with self-reproach. You’ll never measure up. You’ll never be as good as ‘that guy over there.” Most of us, especially men, measure our worth by the quality of our work. Religious people tend to measure their worth by the quality of their morality. Regardless from where these expectations come from…they will crush you. There will be no rest for the soul. You’ll always be working. But… Jesus says I can give you rest from that.  I’m the only one who can give you this rest.  He says…all the expectations of you I have already met. You’ve arrived. You don’t need to strive any more.  I’ve got it. This short sermon series will help us to get in touch 0
December 1, 2016 My Friend Buck This is my very good friend, Buck.  Buck is all dressed for Christmas.  He’s very excited about the Christmas Party that we’re having at our house this Saturday evening.  He has his new Christmas sweater and bow tie on…all ready do go.  Also his new Christmas collar has bells on it…so he sounds like Christmas running around the house.  He also loves the decorations.  He’s already eaten several tree ornaments.  It hasn’t seemed to upset his stomach, but none the less, we’ve spoken to him about eating them.  But…He loves Christmas.  What can I say! 0