3302 McGinnis Ferry Rd
Suwanee, GA 30024
Sundays @ 10:30am

Youth Group

ChristChurch Suwanee Youth Group

Equipping youth to know God’s Word, affirm their thoughts, actions, and understanding of God’s Character and nature through the Word of God. Producing a personal binding faith in Jesus Christ, one that will not waver or compromise when pressured or tested but rather bearing up under the weight and enduring. Why… too confidently walk in God’s purpose and plan. Not being persuaded by the media, professors, teachers, co-workers, maybe even your friends regarding God & His Word.

If you have a heart for Middle or High School students then this is the perfect place to serve. We ask our leaders to commit for the duration of the ministry year. Opportunities are available for men and women discipleship leaders for Middle and High School boys and girls.

Email NextGen@christchurchsuwanee.org if you have any questions about our Youth Group or would like to be a part of the Youth Ministry at ChristChurch Suwanee.