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Our new Worship Pastor, Duane Mixon

Duane Mixon

It is my pleasure and honor to announce the addition to our church staff, Duane Mixon, as our Worship Pastor. Duane has been a worship pastor about 12 years, 8 years at Port City Community Church in Wilmington NC, and 4 years at Stonecreek Church in Alpharetta. Duane is married to Jessica, who is also a worship leader. Duane (36) and Jessica have three children, Miles (9), Iris (7), and Silas (5). Duane is also an instructor and coach at 10,000 Father’s Worship School where he trains and develops worship leaders. Duane’s calling is to combine his love of the Gospel, his faith in God’s word, and his Pastoral calling to help create a Spirit filled and Biblically literate expression of the body of Christ within the local church context.

Before I even met Duane I had been asking God for three things for our WP…1) Someone who had large church gifts but not enamored by the large church; 2) A pastor, not just a worship leader, but someone who would shepherd our hearts into the presence of God as we worshiped; and 3) A good team-mate (it’s so important that we function as an effective team in ministry)…and someone with whom I could connect with well. Then…I met Duane just a few hours after he had resigned from his position as Worship Pastor at a large church—seeking a smaller church environment. As I shared the vision of ChristChurch we connected.  The more that we talked and met over the following days, and as he led our worship on Sunday mornings, the more I realized that he was indeed a pastor. God knit our hearts together to work toward one common purpose.  Then over the weeks that followed, and as Duane and Jessica have led our worship it became obvious to all of us—this is a fit. Our entire congregation has come together in such agreement and unity that this is God’s calling for us to join with the Mixons to minister to His church together. I’ve been so impressed with his maturity as believer in Christ, and as a leader of our worship community, and as a pastor.  I could not be more pleased.

So…these days I’m giving thanks. Over and over again. Giving thanks for God’s provision, and so looking forward to the times ahead laboring together for the Lord’s church.

I invite you…let’s give thanks together.

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